Silver in Interactive Design
Bronze in UX, Interface, & Navigation
Bronze in Digital Tools and Utilities

Communication Design Award

The Problem

Traditional self defense training lacks an immersive experience that replicates realistic assault scenarios and conditions.
Our Solution

Artemis is a virtual reality game that emulates realistic scenarios and educates users on preventative personal safety methods. Through comprehensive interactive storytelling, users will be more mindful, prepared, and less likely to be assaulted.​​​​​​​
Key Functions

Interactive storytelling
Educational Safety Tips
Awareness and mindfulness
Realistic and common scenarios
Feedback to improve decision making
Varying outcomes based on decision sequences
Personal Significance

In an ideal world, everyone would be safe all the time. Sexual assault predators, violent crimes, and human trafficking wouldn't exist. However, reality is not an ideal world, so it is vital that we take precautionary measures and prepare for the worst. As a woman, I am a walking target for assault crimes every day of my life. I am indescribably angered and terrified by what family, close friends, and even strangers' stories of sexual and physical assault entail. But, as graphic designer Eddie Opara said of design, anger is what propels us forward and I feel that channeling that anger towards designing a solution is exactly what powered the success of my team's project.
Gameplay prototyped using video editing to show a play through of one in-game scenario.
My Role

Project Lead
User Experience Designer
UX Writing
I'll spare you the extra scrolling...
Click through to our process book below for a deep dive into our process!

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