The Problem

Greenhouse gas pollutants negatively affect the air quality in urban surroundings. The market lacks a sustainable air purification system that efficiently removes carbon emissions on an individual scale.
Our Solution

Tennen explores nature's symbiotic role in urban homes. It is a living art piece that utilizes algae to purify air and eliminate greenhouse gases. Through approachable and functional use, it encourages conscious consumerism.
Key Features

Air quality improvement
Environmental education
Continuous user guidance
Multi-functional benefits

Full prototype walkthrough of Tennen's website


Fighting climate chance
Conscious consumerism
Simple and easy to use
Fun and versatile
Give back
Personal Significance

From a young age, I've always been very concerned with the state of the environment. I can recall reprimanding other kids for littering in elementary school, and continued to alert people to the consequences of such actions as I grew up. Into adulthood, I realized some people simply never grow out of this behavior. The world has only declined during my lifetime and the opportunity to reverse the damage is almost gone. While we, as individuals, cannot achieve this alone, we still have the opportunity to do what we can with these constraints.

A large part of the lack of action is due to the allure of convenience, which is rarely associated with sustainability. Through Tennen, my team and I were able to explore the idea of making sustainability not only convenient, but also applying near-instant gratification routinely to the long-term user journey.

Wireframing the purchase and checkout flow for Tennen!
My Role

Interaction Designer
Content Strategist
User Experience Designer
I'll spare you the extra scrolling...
Click through to our process book below for a deep dive into our process!

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