The Problem

Due to diet culture, many people have unhealthy, obsessive, or restrictive relationships with their food. They associate what they eat with their self worth, instead of looking at food as the source of nourishment. Current solutions lack a focus on the mental health side of diets and eating.
Our Solution

Zestie offers a personalized course to help users learn and practice eating intuitively. This set of exercises will change their existing mentality to a more positive association with food and its nutrients. Ultimately, users will become happier in their bodies and lead healthier lifestyles.
Key Features

Personalized exercises & education
Mentorship program
Progress visualization
Guided Reflection opportunities
​​​​​​​Personal Significance

This project was incredibly impactful to me for two main reasons. The first being the subject matter of this project. I, like most people, have succumbed to diet culture and marketing and still feel the repercussions from mistreating my body and mind. Idealized body types change constantly, and to be expected to keep up with them is both impossible and an incredible disservice to oneself. Correcting this behavior and mindset is vital. This is, of course, not easy, which is why it's essential to be kind and patient with ourselves while we unlearn this damaging culture.

Zestie also majorly impacted my UX interests- I became very interested in interaction design, specifically micro interactions as a result of this project. The interface design was very seamless and clean. Therefore, I wanted the interactions and animations to reflect that simplicity, but still break up the linear nature of the user flow. 

You can check out the prototype in action below!

My Role

Project Lead
Interaction Designer
User Experience Designer
I'll spare you the extra scrolling...
Click through to our process book below for a deep dive into our process!

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